UV Treatment

Ultra Violet – Advanced Sewage Treatment

Marsh Industries Limited, the innovative independent manufacturer of Quality Sewage Systems, have introduced Ultra Violet Sewage Treatment products. With the Environment Agency and many specification bodies now demanding higher levels of quality from treated sewage effluent, it has meant that sewage treatment contractors have been faced with very expensive, complicated and heavy on going maintenance products to meet the higher standards that have been set as we know SSSI conditions are becoming more frequently specified..

Marsh have been working on a cost effective solution for over two years, we can now launch Ultra Polylok UV(-Ultra Violet) Sewage Treatment chambers. By designing a system using our already highly successful Polylok Filters combined with a high performance UV Filter we believe we have an advanced treatment process protecting our environment cost effectively. The chambers also have an integrated sample chamber, Polylok 525 Filter fitted on the outflow for further final TSS & BOD reductions, High Level Alarm, and 160mm non return valves.

The Main Features:

  • The units reduce faecal coliform bacteria levels by over 99%and also destroys viruses, parasites and pathogenic bacteria
  • Easy self cleansing UV tube fitted with an alarm to monitor Ultra Violet performance with an easy clean Polylok 525 Filter fitted for further final effluent treatment
  • Independent High Level Klaxon Alarm
  • Integral Sample Chamber
  • Can be added to any failing make of sewage plant
  • Easy maintenance and servicing.
  • Low carbon footprint with unrivalled levels of treatment

The Ultra Polylok UV chamber (s) can be installed as part of a Marsh Ultra Polylok sewage treatment plant 55-275PE or as a separate stand alone plant to further improve the effluent from existing commercial and residential sewage plants regardless of who was the original manufacturer. By installing, specifying or designing the Marsh Ultra Polylok Sewage Plants with integrated UV Filtration into your projects, you know you will of made the correct choice. A data sheet is enclosed.

Download PDF Brochure: UV Chambers sizes – Tank Dimensions

Download PDF Brochure: Ultra Violet Sewage Treatment Brochure

For Further Information Contact:
Lianda Phillips
Sales & Marketing
Marsh Industries Limited